No. 1: The Locrian Mode: “Train, Rain, Zero”

No. 2: Octave Displacement: “Saints,” “Cotton’s Sermon,” and “Hespheria and Phelan.”

No. 3: Weird Fingerstyle Guitar: “Gray Green Yellow.” 

No. 4: Harmonic Minor Modes: Lesson for Premier Guitar

No. 5: Diatonic Dissonance

No. 6: The Whole Tone Scale: Lesson for Premier Guitar

No. 7: The Mahavishnu Orchestra: Lesson for Premier Guitar

No. 8: “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” The Beatles Weird Guitar

No. 9: Weird Guitar Quartet: Halloween Baptizm

No. 10: Shawn Persinger is Prester John Interview with Make Weird Music

No. 11: An Introduction to Ambient Guitar: Lesson for Premier Guitar

No. 12: Christmas Lesson: “Deck The Halls” Octave Displacement

No. 13: Compositional Continuity: “Bill Drummond: Silhouette No. 4”

No. 14: Guitar Quartet Scrolling Notation: “Fare Tredici” from Halloween Baptizm

No. 15: Guest Lesson, Metal Counterpoint by Andrew Hawkins of Baring Teeth

No. 16: Prog Rock Lesson: “Belfast” Boud Deun

No. 17: Double Harmonic Minor: “The Thanksgiving Visitor”

No. 18: Live Looping “Eight Queens…”

No. 19: Diatonic Dissonances, Christmas Edition

No. 20: 8-String Baritone Etudes

No. 21: Modern Primitive Guitar

No. 22: Guest Lesson By Nick Didkovsky

No. 23: An Introduction To Weird Guitar

No. 24: Guest Lesson, Mat Eiland Of Boud Deun

No. 25: Non-Western Guitar?

No. 26: Guest Lesson, Janet Feder Teaches Prepared Guitar

No. 27 The Whole Tone Scale And “The Quince Tree”

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