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This site is dedicated to teaching guitar music in the styles of such players and composers as: Derek Bailey, Keith Rowe, Frank ZappaFred FrithHenry KaiserRobert Fripp (King Crimson), Marc RibotJanet Feder, Eugene ChadbourneMick Barr, Mattias IA EklundhShawn Persinger is Prester John (that’s me), and many, many other interesting and so-called “weird” guitar players. I will also make note of weird guitar playing that has shown up in the music of mainstream artists such as: Larry CoryellThe BeatlesPat Metheny, and others.

Let’s cut to the chase: I use the word “weird” broadly and with all respect and affection. Essentially what you will find on this page are unusual guitar lessons. I have nothing against “normal” or “traditional” guitar lessons, playing, or composition. I love it and do a lot myself. But I have found that there are no resources on the internet for guitar players who are looking beyond the normal rock, blues, jazz, etc. playing styles common to most players and teachers – music that many people might call “weird.” But I know as a performer and teacher there are countless guitar players out there who love this type of music.

This page is for the adventurous guitarist. It is also for the curious. Some of the lessons will be unquestionably weird. Other lessons will have hints of the mainstream but usually in an “outside” context. I hope all players will enjoy these lessons and find something new to add to their guitar vocabulary. Thanks for visiting.

If you are interested in contributing a lesson or some other type of educational content to this page please email me at: PresterJohnMusic@gmail.com

– Shawn Persinger is Prester John


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