No. 22: Guest Lesson by Nick Didkovsky

On January 19, 2021 by Prester John

Photo by Patrick Brzezinski

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have Nick Didkovsky contributing a lesson to this page! But I can try. And I will in my next video, “Why Weird Guitar Lessons?”

For now I’ll say, Didkovsky is a brilliant guitarist, composer, and thinker. The scope of his musical contributions is vast, including everything from classic rock to progressive to extreme metal to the avant-garde; solo performances to large ensembles; prepared guitar to computer generated music; and I could go on and on. And he does it all with a unique and recognizable voice.

Didkovsky’s “I Kick My Hand” could serve as an archetype for the style of lessons I’ve always hope to feature on Weird Guitar Lessons. It is music that to the uninitiated may seem random and chaotic but, as demonstrated in the the video, is controlled and precise to the highest levels of musical virtuosity. And that’s what these lessons are all about, presenting complex and unusual music in ways that are approachable, educational, and inspiring: My thanks to Nick for fulfilling all of these goals in his exhilarating lesson.

Click to download two-page PDF. Posted with the permission of Nick Didkovsky.

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