No. 24: Guest, Mat Eiland of Boud Deun

On February 10, 2021 by Prester John

I am overjoyed that Boud Deun bassist Mat Eiland has contributed a lesson to this page. Mat is a phenomenal musician and composer, as well as a genuinely wonderful human being. Below are Mat’s video and sheet music but before you click I want to share one bit of insight I have on Mat’s compositions.

When Mat would bring his songs to the band, he would perform the parts for us and then walk us through each section. Even as a weird guitarist, I would regularly think, “These parts are confusing, they’re so odd, everyone is playing something different, there is no way this is going to work,” and then we would all play together and miraculously everything would fall into place. I was alway astounded and overjoyed. Mat hears impossible music in his head and makes it come to life. His songs are shrewd puzzles waiting to be solved by the curious. I gained so much from this lesson – I had not learned the bass or violin parts before – and I hope you will too.

Click to download three-page PDF.

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