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Weird Guitar Resources: This is a long list. Take your time. New items added every few months.


November 2015

New music from Shawn Persinger is Prester John, with his new band Emily B. (the B. stands for Brontëthesaurus). Lesson for “The Year Without a Summer” (C section at 1:38) coming soon.


June 2015

A non-musical (kind of) inspiration for Weird Guitar Lessons: Jean Michel Basquiat at

April 2014

It occurred to me on Tuesday that this Sunday, May 4th, is the 10th Anniversary of the release of The Art of Modern Primitive Guitar.

Had I realized this earlier I would have done some promotion for this event, as the release of this CD was a significant moment in my life. I was very happy with this recording and so was Innova Recordings, who released it after my initial limited edition run of 100 copies.

The record went on to garner dozens of positive reviews, including being called one of the “Best of 2004” by Acoustic Guitar, and receiving high praise some from my favorite players, including Mike Keneally and Tim Sparks.

I’d be delighted to hear from anyone you who:

1) Like the recording and have something nice to say about it.

2) Would like to suggest some promo tips for the anniversary. I’ll do something (???) special all next week.

3) Are just learning about it for the first time, and enjoy what you hear.

Of course you can buy the recording on iTunes, Amazon, and many other online stores. You can also listen on Pandora. And you should feel to write a review on any of those sites.

Thanks for your support all these years. The Art of Modern Primitive Guitar continues to be one of my best selling recordings and it’s a work I’m very proud of.


February 2014

Nice video of Tim Motzer demonstrating his very interesting use of effects and extended techniques for Guitar Player magazine: Tim Motzer Pedal and Extended Technique


December 2013

I’m not quite “obsessed” with Wilburn Burchette, but I’m getting there. More soon I promise. This is from 1976.


November 2013

– Frank Zappa has a feature and guitar lesson in the October 1995 issue of Guitar Player magazine.


October 2013

– Premier Guitar magazine October 2011 featured some of the greats of avant-garde guitar, including Keith Rowe and Fred Frith.


August 2013

– Proof that avant-garde musicians have a sense of humor. Shawn Persinger and Del Rey are Cat & Dog. This video comes with a blessing from John Zorn.


July 2013

– The wonderful Janet Feder.


June 2013

– Pat Metheny and John Zorn in The New York Times.


May 2013

Adrian Belew signs on to tour with Nine Inch Nails (NIN). He soon resigns: Relix, Guardian, and Rolling Stone.


April 2013

– A recent Marc Ribot performance, quite wonderful. January 29, 2013.


Larry Coryell (arguably not a “weird” guitarist) wrote a column for Guitar Player magazine in the 1980s. This is one of my all-time favorite tracks by Larry Coryell, and definitely weird. “Stones” from Fairyland. And another from Live at the Village Gate.


March 2013

– The March 1996 issue of Guitar magazine has an article titled “The Outsiders” which features, among others, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Frank Zappa, and Sonic Youth.

– Frank Zappa wrote a column for Guitar World magazine in the early 1980s.

– Robert Fripp wrote a column for Guitar Player magazine in the 1990s.


February 2013

– Frank Zappa blog tribute from Ben’s Guitar Wisdom.

– Mike Keneally wrote a column for Guitar Player magazine in the 1990s.


January 2013

– Henry Kaiser released a fabulous instructional video in 1990 titled Eclectic Electric – Exploring New Horizons for Guitar and ImprovisationThis video has long been out of print but you can find clips on Youtube.

Adrian Belew released a great instructional video in the early 1990s titled Electronic Guitar. This video focus mostly on unusual uses for effect pedals.

– A brief Fred Frith workshop.

– I Hate the Man that Runs this Bar by Eugene Chandbourne. The definitive book on making a living playing music. Not just for weird guitars but for all musicians (though written by a “weird” guitar player). Not how to get famous or incredibly wealthy playing music, but how to make a living. A must-have for all musicians. Honest, inspiring, and hilarious.



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