No. 30: Guest, Andy Kerr – Nomeansno

On May 15, 2024 by Prester John

Lessons (and more) with Andy Kerr, original Nomeansno guitarist, provided during an interview with Shawn Persinger from Weird Guitar Lessons. Notation and tab below.

Two additional influences Andy mentioned during the interview, which got edited out:

• MX-80 Group

• The Roches (featuring Robert Fripp) “Losing True”

1. “Obsessed” Guitar Lesson by original Nomeansno guitarist Andy Kerr.

2. Andy Kerr, original Nomeansno guitarist, discusses “Self Pity”.

3. Andy Kerr Talks and Plays Solos, Riffs, Etc.

4. Nomeansno, “Punk Rock Minimalist”

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