No. 4: Harmonic Minor Modes

On February 3, 2014 by Prester John

A “mainstream” weird guitar lesson. This is my latest lesson for Premier Guitar magazine, Feb. 2014. Click the link to read the full text and to find more audio links: Harmonic Minor Modes. 

PG-2014 02

The harmonic minor scale is best known for being used by such neoclassical metal players as Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert, but its modal uses go far beyond that genre. Once you start exploring the various modes of the harmonic minor scale you will start to find some very weird sounds you can work with.

Audio Examples

B Locrian Natural 6

C Ionian Augmented (#5)

D Dorian a.k.a. D Overtone Minor 

F Lydian #2 a.k.a F Lydian #9

G# Altered bb7 a.k.a. G# Superlocrian a.k.a. G# Ultraloccrian


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